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Month is good! 丨 New Taoyuan Mid-Autumn moon cake gift box hot book ... ...

Aug. 9,2017   9:4 AM

"Toast to invite the moon, the film into three", (October 4, 2017) lunar August fifteen, wine and food, toast toast. New Taoyuan Hotel for you to offer traditional Cantonese-style fine moon cake, send thousands of blessings. Exquisite design, elegant packaging, refreshing spices creative tasty, baked out a variety of safe, rest assured, delicious moon cake, like a noble and luxurious treasure box loading unlimited He Italian! Whether you give friends or personal use, can reflect your honor and identity to the highest grade!

New Taoyuan Mid Moon cake gift box
Mid-Autumn moon cake gift box contains 10 kinds of tastes:
Double yellow white lotus, gold ham five kernel
Egg yolk pure white lotus, almond chocolate
Sweet taro, rose red beans
Natural purple potato, grain black bean Rong
Coconut milk cheese, sweet red dates
(A variety of gift box packaging, rich taste for you to choose)

August 21, Tianjin New Taoyuan Hotel
Will be in the first floor lobby moon cake counter
Provide moon cake collection service

Tips: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM daily
October 4 at midday 12:00 noon only

Early booking, more discounts
Moon cake coupons, buy reservations or delivery services and other details
Please call 86 (22) 5868-8888 ext. 6205/6503
Want to learn more about exciting events and discounts
Pay attention to the official micro-signal (GRAND-VIEW-HOTEL)
Shuanghuang white lotus

Golden legs five benevolence

Mini Babao

True love eight treasures

Buy any of the above moon cake gift box
Each box contains a bottle of fine wine imported

Exquisite design to add a lively atmosphere of the heart carefully prepared, the choice of materials, rich taste of the Mid-Autumn moon cake whether it is gift or rally to share friends and relatives can send a sincere blessing

Addr:No. 235 Guangdong Road, Hexi District, Tianjin

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