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Member Handbook

一、 member application channels

1. hotel front desk to fill in the application;
2. The official website to fill in membership registration application;
3. WeChat online fill in membership registration application;
二、 member value
1. Enjoy discounts and discounts on all retail outlets in Manhattan Branch stores.
2. Room consumption can be points, points can be redeemed hotel products or the corresponding coupons;
3. membership card permanent and valid.

三、membership level

membership level





Room Discounts





Upgrade/Retention Requirement

Free Membership
Registration: Official
Website, APP, WeChat,
400 Reservation Center,
Hotel Front Desk

Pay extra RMB 38

Reservation over 25
room nights each year or
pay extra RMB 198

Reservation over 50
room nights each year or
pay extra RMB 398

Life Membership Requirement

Reservation up to 200
room nights or member
points up to 500,000

Reservation up to 350
room nights or member
points up to 1 million

四、member benefits






Additional Point Bonus




Reservation Hold





Late Check-out





Free WiFi

Free Room Upgrade


Upgrate 1 level
(Excluding Suites)

Upgrate 1 level
(Including Standard Suites)

Complimentary Breakfast





Turndown Service


Outlets Exclusive Offer

Birthday Cake or Gift


Local Facilities


Free Award Room or Gift

Complimentary Bottled Water

Welcome Fruit Basket


五、Points policy

1.Member points: 1 US dollar = 10 points, the official website, WeChat, APP, 400 booking points, the hotel reception does not accumulate points, but you can enjoy membership treatment, points can be exchanged for room nights, buy gifts and other benefits, between the membership card Points can not be accumulated or transferr.

2.Credits valid for 2 years


1. Points query: official website, 400 customer service, WeChat, the hotel front desk can check;
2. Points Redeem Rooms: MHG members can redeem for redemption all points of the Manhattan Group's hotel. Redemption of specific rooms according to different hotels, room types, room rates (points redemption room must be 7 days in advance through the 400, official website, WeChat booking, can not be canceled And change);
3. Redeem gift: MHG member in the official website, WeChat, 400 customer service to apply for redemption of physical gifts, gifts pictures are for reference only, specific gifts subject to receive the real gifts are not regularly replaced, check the latest gift information, please visit: www .mhghotel.com or follow the WeChat platform;
4.MHG member points redeem room night stay and free vouchers stay at the hotel according to the hotel to pay a deposit. (Check-in need to register identity, phone number).

七、Integral gifts

1. hotel product categories:
1) hotel rooms (including vouchers, vouchers);
2) Western meal voucher (including vouchers, vouchers);
2. Gift categories:
1) Travel vacation (designated cooperative travel agency);
2) room supplies: bathrobes, bath brands, etc., product list to the actual prevail;
3) Aviation Mileage: major contract airlines;
3. Gift types can be adjusted according to the situation from time to time update


八、Member booking


2.Tel:40006 99988;


4. Booking Restrictions: Members through the official website, WeChat, 400 customer service booking 30 days after the room, to be prepaid room rates; Official website reservations can only be booked within 10 rooms, more than 10 rooms to be updated in advance; special events and major holiday prices Will be adjusted 30 days in advance;
5. Order changes: the official website, 400 customer service phone, the front desk can be, WeChat prepaid orders can be modified can not be canceled.


九、Special Note

1. To change membership card information or lost, please promptly log in the group's official website or call 400 customer service phone change or report a loss;
2 membership card points can not be transferred, redeem points of the room does not enjoy spending points;
3. In the case of major events and special holidays, such as: National Day, Fair or other special circumstances, will not be able to use points for free room;
4. Official Website, WeChat, 400 phone is no card member;
5. Manhattan Hotel Group in Singapore have the final power of interpretation of these rules, and may amend the rules in due course.

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