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Exotic cuisine, different kind of style | new Taoyuan hotel hot South American buffet

Jul. 11,2017   9:5 AM

South America is located in the southern hemisphere south, east of the Atlantic Ocean, west of the Pacific Ocean, most of the region belongs to the tropical rain forest and tropical grassland climate, warm and humid; South America is part of Latin America, is also the world famous Inca culture birthplace; due to early suffering from Portugal, Spain And other European powers of the invasion, the diet by the Spanish and Indian culture, the cuisine of the integration of the European cooking techniques and potatoes, beans, tomatoes and other local ingredients, unique flavor, full samba style, delicious unparalleled.

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It is very popular in South America, and barbecue is very popular in South America. Many restaurants are served with grilled dishes on the oven. They can grill sausage, steak, pork chops, chicken wings, chicken legs, potatoes and so on. Meat is generally about a pound or more meat, roasted to seven or eight mature, cut into steak with a knife to each person, eat only when the salt, dipped in a special hot and sour sauce (with tomatoes , Onion, parsley, pepper, chopped with a little oil made).

South America with long coastline is rich in seafood, seafood is famous. All kinds of seafood such as abalone, fish, mussels, clams and other special spices in South America and unique cooking, the aroma of the nose, people mouth-wateri。

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