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61 happy DIY park opening!

Jun. 1,2017   13:46 PM

Along the way, we meet with all kinds of difficulties,
It involuntarily, insincere,
But everyone lives in the heart of a child,
Whether happy or tired,
The child will always be with us through every little time
Fortunately, I still insist on "garden dream" when I was young
Then come and join our DIY paradise
Children's Day we are waiting for you

Xintaoyuan Hotel DIY Park
Creative Fresh Fruit Platter or potted succulents
Every kind of fruit, or every green life
They all have their lives
Whether it carries a childlike innocence
Or to accompany my children?
Every creation has its own mood and value
Into the memory of the warm warm moments

Xintaoyuan Children's Day gift
Boy, thank you for making a beautiful rainbow for the silent world,
Thank you for making your life better and happier,
We want to give you the best in the world!
In June 1st, Grand View Hotel Tianjin offers flowers to our motherland,
In addition to preparing food for the children, the western restaurant in Manhattan,
There will also be creative fruit platter or DIY potted activities
Dear mom and Dad, bring the baby to show!

Manhattan Western Restaurant
Adult price: 158 yuan / bit
Children's price: 88 yuan / bit (0.8 meters below, including 0.8 meters, children free on the same day)
From now on to accept parent child activities booking, Tel: 58688888-6205,6203

Addr:No. 235 Guangdong Road, Hexi District, Tianjin

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