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How long have you not done that?

May. 23,2017   14:13 PM

Many love men and women only want each other for life and their own together, but is this possible? Love is just a guaranteed period of dopamine, madly in love effective, gradually fade after love
But some people say that the model couple loving as ever decades seem to have a lot of. For example Zhang Zhaohe Shen Congwen drank a lifetime of wine, I lived together Lu Xun and Mr. Xu Guangping. So, how to maintain the love as they like, not long-term tide?
Maintain the heat is actually very simple, so that life is full of small surprises, so that love is always full of freshness, so that she always tempted you
Maintain the heat is not simple, life is long, need to constantly make surprise for love, maintain romance
So, your love is still fresh? Accidentally surprised her, how long have you not done it?
When she was tired of the home to the father and son also thinking of cooking, see your apron in the kitchen.

For example, in a crowd, not ashamed, not impatient and be careless with her kiss.

For example, on an ordinary day, when you turn off the lights and go to bed, write down a love letter quietly and read it out quietly

For example, on an unusual day, in a room full of romance, wake up a bottle of red wine, open the night of passion

520 the whole city is passionately in love
On an unusual day
With an unusual romantic couple room
Assists your love
Flowers bloom in the room
Warm as hot tea
Activity description:
1, available time: May 20th;
2, if you stay in the day booking (3 hours in advance to communicate with the hotel front desk);
3, theme room configuration: 178 yuan Theme Room: flowers / petals surprise decoration;
The picture is for reference only, and the details of the arrangement can be confirmed by the front desk of the hotel;
4, after the reservation is successful, the order can not be canceled;
5, the final interpretation of the activities of the Manhattan Hotel, Guilin North Railway Station all!

Addr:Guangxi Guilin eight in four road and five road intersection

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