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Tour Beihai, meet the North Sea Blue

Apr. 26,2019   10:55 AM

Spring blossoms, facing the sea
Let's go to a blue sky and the sea this summer.
In the North Sea
There are beautiful beaches here.
There is a blue sky here.
Here is a warm and comfortable hotel

There are delicious seafood waiting for you.

     Beihai Manhattan Hotel is located in Beihai Avenue, Beihai City, about 1 km from Ningchun City, a large shopping mall. It is about 15 km from Beihai Airport, about 2 km from Nanzhu Bus Station, about 1 km from the railway station, and about the first beach of “Silver Beach”. 4 km and the international passenger terminal is about 3 km.
More than 200 rooms are equipped with intelligent central air conditioning and lighting system, including 51 graphene negative oxygen ion ecological rooms; conference rooms equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment; elegant New Yorker Western Restaurant, the essence of international cuisine; Chinese restaurant design Magnificent, five classic style rooms are unique, elegant halls that can accommodate nearly 1,000 people at the same time can accommodate a variety of business banquets, friends gatherings, large banquets; Paris Spring Club has 33 luxury selections using world-class brand audio KTV private room.

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Beihai is a romantic tourist city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It is a bright pearl on the Beibu Gulf. Today, we introduce you to the nine characteristics of the North Sea, so that you will fall in love with this city.
In the past 2019 Spring Festival Golden Week, Beihai Silver Beach visitors accounted for 22.14%, followed by Beihai Old Town, accounting for 12.54%. Weizhou Island Crocodile Mountain Scenic Area, Catholic Church, Dripseng Danping, Shiluokou and other attractions are also popular with tourists.

Folk custom
The fishermen of the family, poetic water residents. Most of them used to live in small boats, and they used the boat as their home. There are three types of untouchables on the coast of the North Sea. One is the oyster that feeds on fishing, the other is the pearls that are mainly used for collecting pearls, and the three are fishing rods for fishing.


Island style
The people of Poyang Island in Weizhou are simple and honest. There have been no thieves. What is especially surprising is that there is no vegetable market on the island, and the fish caught by each household will be placed in the sea water on the shore if they can't finish it. Strolling on the island of Koh Chang, the atmosphere of the original life is unobstructed.


Catholic church
The tall and majestic Catholic Church, under the backdrop of low-lying residential buildings, is huge and quite powerful. At the top of the main entrance is the bell tower, towering with the Romanesque minaret, with the momentum of "singing to the sky" at any time, creating an illusion of "mystery of the kingdom of heaven", which is unique. The clock tower has a stone-built spiral ladder of more than 10 levels, which can only be hovered up to the second floor. On the top floor is a silver alloy clock cast in 1889. It is said to be a gift from a French widow, and the bells of that year can be spread throughout the island of Weizhou. On the morning of each Sunday, Si Zhongren went to the second floor and sang the big bell of the church. The believers in Shengtang Village and the neighbors heard the bell and consciously and quietly entered the prayer hall.


Volcanic remains
Both islands are volcanic islands, and the crater landscape has become a major feature. The crater landscape is mainly composed of crater harbors, volcanic bombs, parasitic craters, volcanic lava, impact craters and radiation fault layers. Look at the remains of the volcano, the vicissitudes of the world, and the hustle and bustle of the poet.


Sea sunrise
The island is connected to the sky in Shanghai, and the sky is full of clouds. Every sunny day and sunset, the island of Weizhou is set aside, and the gorgeous scenery of thousands of miles of sea and sky is unobstructed. The panoramic view of the afterglow of the island is very pleasing. Of course, the sunrise on the sea is also a magnificent sight that is rare in the world.


Beachfront leisure
Of course, you have to enjoy the beach and the sea in the North Sea. The beach volleyball, football and beach karts in Silver Beach are very fun. The beach bungee jumping and small sailing boats are also interesting, especially under the sea diving, you can enjoy beautiful corals and wonderful sea bottom. The world cannot be missed.


Beihai Silver Beach
Silver Beach is located on the southern coast of Guangxi Beihai City, 8 kilometers away from Beihai City. It is the only national tourist resort in China built in ethnic minority autonomous regions. Silver Beach is made up of quartz sand. Under the sunlight, the white and delicate beach will glow with silver. Therefore, it is called Silver Beach. The Beihai Silver Beach is characterized by its "flat beach, fine sand, soft water and soft waves." The characteristics of “no sharks, no pollution” are referred to as “the first beach in China”.


Underwater World
Located in Beihai Waterfront Park, Beihai Underwater World is a large-scale comprehensive aquarium that displays marine life and integrates observation, tourism and youth science education.


Beihai Old Street
Beihai Old Street—Zhuhai Road is an old street with a history of more than 100 years. It was built in 1883 and is 1.44 kilometers long and 9 meters wide. The streets are full of Chinese and Western architecture. Most of these buildings are two to three stories. They are mainly influenced by Western scroll-style buildings such as the consulates built by Ye Ying, France, Germany and other countries in the late 19th century. The windows on both sides of the street are mostly arched structures. The outer edge of the arch and the top of the window column have carved lines, and the lines are smooth and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The different styles of decoration and relief on the front wall face form the two-story aerial sculpture corridor.


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