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With the III ten peach, as the exclusive holiday in March 8th!

Mar. 7,2017   9:43 AM

The rain run as crisp Street
Close but no grass
The earth under the soft spring
A slightly sweet wind, passing by
Feel the spring flowers, the recovery of all things
grand view hotel tianjin
This will be a riot of colour, all the tenderness
The most lovely is turned into the first ray of spring
March 8th exclusive privileges
For every goddess
Enjoy the festival
Because this day belongs to you
We are going to play for you this early spring beautiful movement.

Shining sky celebrate xintaoyuan

  • MS occupancy minus 38 yuan preferential rate,
  • Free MHG membership card to enjoy and get 300 points.(network and other concessions not to participate in activities)
  • TEL:022-5868 8888

"Sweet Manhattan" ladies night special treatment

  • Female guests with buffet dinner in Manhattan Western RestaurantCan give the value of 98 yuan a clam;
    On the same day, the birthday of the female guests with my ID card can enjoy free dinner buffet
    (requires 2 guests of 138 yuan, buy and other concessions do not participate in activities)

  •   TEL:022-5868 8888-6205/6203

Warm moment

  • Ms. Taoyuan style SPA project in the SPA sports Spa Gift foot 1 times.

  • TEL:022-5868 8888-6688/6886


  • Any consumer can get to the shop, Taoyuan restaurant 100 yuan coupons

  •  TEL:022-5888 1166/1188


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