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January 1, 2017 Guilin Manhattan Hotel (peak reputation store) will be grand opening

Feb. 14,2017   10:15 AM

Guilin Manhattan Hotel (peak reputation store)
January 1, 2017 grand opening

Guilin Hotel Manhattan (peak reputation shop) is located in the world famous tourist city and the historical and cultural city of Guilin, adjacent to the upper reaches of the Lijiang River, located in the eight Street Economic Development Zone prosperous business zone. Hotel location, only ten minutes from the Guilin shopping plaza drive. WAL-MART entertainment, let you can enjoy the distance between shopping, entertainment, delicacy of convenience. Near the Guilin North train station, convenient transportation, leisure, tourism, vacation, meeting as one of the top hotels. The transportation is convenient, accessible, 10 minutes from the Guilin train station, west railway station 10 minutes of distance, two rivers and four lakes scenic area and downtown about 30 minutes.

Guilin Manhattan Hotel (peak Yu shop) is a full-service luxury hotel, is committed to creating a new culture of the hotel, for a way of life. The hotel to "fashion, simple, cosmopolitan" as the design concept, using new technology and new methods in planning of hotel rooms, catering and public social space, and the innovative design of the recreation area, more professional and more creative food services, and give the journey activities for guests to present a dynamic, stylish and sophisticated, and dynamic trend of modern living environment.

The hotel has 340 rooms, with a large free parking lot, room by professional designers carefully crafted, green with the highest national standard of decoration, decoration, and is equipped with five star lace mattress, full HD LCD TV, hotel high-speed wireless network coverage, in order to give you a safe, warm, comfortable, comfortable living experience super. Windows allows you to stay at home can enjoy the beautiful Guilin Scenery in the room.

The hotel is equipped with a total of two meeting rooms. All rooms are equipped with professional lighting equipment, projector, etc. elegant environment, advanced facilities, with professional trained with regularity reception service. Large conference room of 400 square meters, the conference theatre can accommodate 350 people. The small conference room 60 square meters, at the same time a theatrical meeting to accommodate 40 people.

[and health] stationed in Manhattan Hotel

The world's leading high-end health record sharing and health [] housekeeper, to the traditional health and modern health management as a professional basis, around the world hundreds of professional health therapy, to provide professional high-end health managed service experience for Check Inn Hotel members, sharing and health work in Manhattan to build the country's first professional health health theme hotel.

The hotel will be Bai Jinhan and health housekeeper service integration and sharing double diamond five-star hotels in Manhattan, is the first set of accommodation, catering, health, leisure, entertainment, business meetings and other functions for the integrated international branded hotel

Guests can enjoy health testing, one to one health guidance, health therapy, health salon and a series of personalized professional health management services.

More than one hundred professional health therapy

Into the hotel, the body and mind completely release, click into place;

Back home, make life changing, Woon rebirth.
Guilin Manhattan Hotel (peak reputation store)
Address: eight Guilin street in zone eight in four road and five road in the southeast corner of the intersection of East Sichuan "zhangtai peak reputation" 5 No.
Tel: 6598889 - 0773

Addr:Guangxi Guilin eight in four road and five road intersection

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