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Visit Taoyuan - singles are far from you

Nov. 3,2016   14:3 PM

Singles'day is a popular in the young people's entertainment festival to celebrate their singles still proud ("singles" means "single").11 11, singles, from the four Arabia digital "1" shape of the four root smooth stick this day. The single has a single meaning in Chinese, so the singles day is a Festival of offbeat singles, the day was set for the "single day" (One's Day). Singles in the campus, and through the Internet and other media, and gradually formed a single day culture.

Activity time: November 11, 2016

The individual members and customers preferential agreement
The guest room can enjoy the special offer drinks 11 yuan / cup (except alcoholic) discount;
The guest free "one singles coupon" can go to a western restaurant for a cup of juice;
All the attention WeChat hotel public number and hand frame camera placed on a personal circle of friends and the audit staff, can give the "single cookie" or "one of a single mobile phone ring;
On the day of the guest room number with 11 of the room, giving a mysterious gift 1 copies.

TEL:0755 8626888

Addr:Shenzhen City, Nanshan District five road Oncidium coastal city east building

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