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Enjoy the National Day hi earthshaking

Sept. 24,2016   9:55 AM

"National Day" in celebration of the state, the first in the Western Jin Dynasty. The Western Jin Dynasty writer Lu Ji in "five other princes" on a paper once a "national day alone for its advantages, the main worry about Mo and its victims," the record, China's feudal era, the national celebration event, based on too great emperor, the birthday (Qing Dynasty called long live the emperor's birthday festival). Thus in ancient China the emperor ascended the throne, the birthday is called "National Day". Today that country day as National Day.

In December 3, 1949, the fourth meeting of the Central People's Government Committee of the CPPCC National Committee accepted the proposal, adopted the resolution on the national day of People's Republic of China < >, decided each year in October 1st was proclaimed a great day for People's Republic of China, as the national day of People's Republic of China.

 Since the foundation of PRC on 0ctober 1st 1949, the forms of celebration of National Day have been changed with time.
In the early years of new China (1950 - 1959), the annual National Day celebrations were held in large military parade held at the same time,.1960 in September, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council in the principle of thrift, decided to reform the system of the national day. Then, from 1960 to 1970, the annual National Day held a grand rally and the parade in front of Tiananmen, but did not hold a parade.

From 1971 to 1983, October 1st each year, Beijing is to a large gathering of the garden and other forms to celebrate the national day, not for the parade.1984, 35 anniversary of national day, held a grand parade. National Day parade and the masses in the next 10 years, other forms are used to celebrate the National Day, and not to be held National Day parade the mass parade of.1999 in October 1st, the 50 anniversary of the national day, held a grand parade National Day parade and the masses. This is the last Grand National Day celebrations in People's Republic of China held in twentieth Century.

Since the founding of new China, a total of 14 parades were conducted during the National Day celebrations, respectively, from 1949 to 11, the 1959 and 1984 35 anniversary of the National Day in 1999, the 50 anniversary of the National Day in 2009, the 60 anniversary of the three national day in.

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