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Love in the seventh lunar month romantic meet

Aug. 6,2016   10:20 AM

The Qixi Festival, cowherd meeting legend, also known as Qi Qiao Festival, Qiqiao day or seven sisters Festival, originated in China, Chinese regions and some influenced by the Han culture of the East Asian countries traditional festival, the lunar calendar in July seven or July six day women's day and night to beg wisenessvega in the courtyard, it is known as the "Festival".

Dim star decorated with pearl, the Qixi Festival gonge Qiqiao.
According to legend, Tang Taizong and princess on the Qixi Festival in the Palace Banquet, the ladies of the custom in the respective Qiqiao folk also enduring continuity.
The stars are bright, the candles flicker. This Valentine's Day is very romantic!
Beihai Manhattan Hotel prepared a romantic festival for you, invite you to share the joy of sharing happiness!
New York guest west restaurant, romantic dinner buffet
Adults 188 yuan / bit, children 98 yuan / bit
WeChat buy points to enjoy the integral deduction!
Every couple of dining will receive my Macarons and special Valentine's day surprise gift
Children's height is only 1.1-1.4 meters, 1.1 meters below the free meal
Suspend the use of buffet dinner coupons and online coupon
Activity time: August 9, 2016 - July 7th Festival

New York Hakka restaurant for you to create a romantic holiday atmosphere

Festival theme dishes feel everywhere romantic


My Macarons, you deserve to have a romantic
Cool and delicious dessert

The final interpretation of this event is owned by the hotel in Manhattan, Beihai


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