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The pig - gold Roasted Goose booking hot, now get a reservation Fagao

Mar. 15,2016   15:18 PM

Manhattan Hotel - booking hot Qingming pig gold in Roasted Goose

Qingming Festival rain have,
The pedestrian on the road.
I ask where there are restaurants,
The shepherd boy points at Manhattan.

Tomb-sweeping Day is an important festival of the Chinese nation, the Chinese people around the world will be a day outing, willow, grave, worship and other activities, most of which will take the pig family worship worship the mountain. Why Tomb-sweeping Day to roast to worship the mountain? Legend from the very beginning, there is clear "" pork ". The so-called" fat city run ", it is because at that time the family has the big pig that life is very good, so when the annual Ching Ming, a family will pick the biggest pig to worship, to show respect for our ancestors, and make a good wishes; another, a reflection of the pig is big enough to glorify and illuminate the ancestors.

Manhattan Hotel Featured high-quality pollution-free suckling pig, goose, grilled meat. Distinguished chefs outside Giori tender, fragrant, color red, taste first-class. Booking three days in advance, delivery day, fresh, delicious and healthy.

The pig - gold Roasted Goose fiery booking!

The pig (net weight 5-5.5 kg)

438 yuan / only
Gold Roasted Goose (weight 4-4.5 kg)

388 yuan / only

Tel:0779-6666610 / 0779-6666612

Addr:No. 84 Beihai Road, Beihai, Guangxi

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