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[Tianjin Grandview Hotel] New flavors are on the shelves, tea upgrades are coming, all in Taoyuan

Oct. 13,2020   10:52 AM



Taoyuanxuan Restaurant


New flavor on shelves
Tea upgrade
Strong attack
All in Taoyuan



Hong Kong-style morning tea is a Hong Kong-style breakfast refreshment

A traditional folk diet

In Hong Kong, people have the habit of drinking morning tea

Morning tea is mainly composed of Chinese dim sum and tea

People in Guangdong and Hong Kong have the habit of drinking morning tea

So Hong Kong-style morning tea was born (in the same vein as Cantonese morning tea)

Taoyuanxuan launch

Star tea set

While you enjoy delicious

Experience the authentic Hong Kong-style culture

Drink a strand of tea

Experience all living beings


Delicious dishes satisfy your taste buds





Gluttonous feast

Taste of Beauty

All in Taoyuanxuan

Tasteful you

Not come to taste




Delicious dishes satisfy your taste buds


Coarse Grain Dalian Abalone


New products


The crown of seafood, tender meat

Fresh but not greasy, rich in nutrition

Known as the "soft gold" of the ocean

Pair with whole grains with great taste

There is nothing more beautiful than this



Tiger Skin and Chicken Claws


New products



The skin is crispy and tender, and the color is full

Delicious and tempting, side dishes with wine

The palm is rich and delicious

The more you chew, the more fragrant you are,






Grilled Tendon with Yam


Chef recommended



Yam has the effect of nourishing blood

The tendons are rich in collagen

Both eat together and promote each other

And replenish blood and collagen

Nourish stomach and kidney, strengthen kidney and nourish essence

Ears and eyesight, helps the five internal organs, strengthens muscles and bones






Signature Shrimp Soup Rice


Chef recommended



Ruddy, rich lobster soup bowl

With the sauce and vegetables, scoop a full spoon

The golden crispy rice was fried so it was fluffy and soaked in the soup

It gives a light and crunchy texture when chewed

The white steamed rice is more fragrant and soft after soaking in the soup


There is more, waiting for you to tease




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