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[Tianjin New Grandview Hotel] Moonlight Grandview

Aug. 18,2020   16:41 PM

A bright moon is born on the sea, and the world is at this time" (October 1, 2020) on the 15th of the lunar calendar, New Taoyuan Hotel will offer you traditional Cantonese-style boutique moon cakes and give you a thousand silk blessings. The brand-new and elegant packaging sets off the expectation of reunion; high-quality ingredients combined with traditional craftsmanship, bake a variety of safe, healthy and delicious moon cakes, which will add infinite congratulations to your Mid-Autumn Festival. It is the best choice for your friends and relatives!

New Taoyuan Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box
The Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gift Box contains a variety of flavors:
Double yellow and white lotus paste, golden ham and five kernels
White lotus paste with egg yolk, almond chocolate
Sweet taro, rose red beans
Natural purple sweet potato, black bean paste
Coconut cheese, fragrant red dates
...... ......
(Various gift box packaging, rich flavors for your choice)

Tianjin New Taoyuan Hotel
Will be in the mooncake counter on the first floor lobby
Provide moon cake collection service

Cake picking time: 9: 00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m. daily
Until 17:00 on October 1, 2020

Book early and get more discounts
Order 100 boxes or more at a time and enjoy 1 free delivery within 5 kilometers of the hotel
Mooncake gift vouchers, group purchase booking or delivery service details

Please call: 86 (22) 5868-8888 ext. 6503/6883

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