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Jul. 21,2020   11:3 AM

Every city is similar

It seems that only local food and customs can be distinguished

Tianjin people’s breakfast is very particular

Speaking of Tianjin’s breakfast, I can eat it for a month without heavy samples

Tianjin New Taoyuan Hotel

Add a new taste early

Satisfy your desire for food

Pancake fruit is the top brand in Tianjin early

The batter is a mixture of mung bean noodles, millet noodles and five-spice noodles

Scoop a spoon on the iron plate

Rolled with crispy fruit and crispy glutinous rice

That is the real authentic Tianjin pancake fruit!

It belongs to the breakfast taste of Tianjin.

Rice crackers

Tianjin people call the rice dish: Gaba dish

Good gaba, not only thin, but also chewy

The marinade is fresh and salty, not greasy, it blends with the rice crust just right

There is a slight return to sweetness, covering the entire mouth.

Grab the gaba and put it in the brine, soak for a while and stir to serve

Pour sesame paste and tofu sauce

Put a handful of coriander and add some spicy

It made a delicious bowl of Gaba cuisine


Numerous cuisines in Tianjin

Reel is one of the most representative early points

One bite down

Charred and crispy under the crust

Mung bean sprouts, vermicelli, dried tofu, coriander, and soy tofu and sesame sauce

The difference is not the same

Ear eye fried cake

Ear eye fried cake

Is Tianjin’s early star product

One of the three must-sees in Tianjin
The soul is in red bean paste

A taste of it will give you a taste of the spirit of Tianjin earlier

Not every deep-fried dough stick can be called a fruit. Tianjin's fruit has its own characteristics. The semi-finished fruit bursts out of bubbles, being held by long chopsticks and turned quickly from white to golden yellow sticks. Fragrant and crisp freshly fried fruit, bite it down, the whole cheeks are working hard, the fruit is bitten, crunchy and crispy.

Old tofu

Soft tofu

Blended with the rich ingredients, it melts in your mouth

Just a bite of fruit

Immediately gave Tianjin people the full meaning of breakfast

Jelly is soy milk. Tianjin’s soy milk must be freshly ground and thick in texture. It is the simplest classic delicacy to eat with fruits.

good day

Start with breakfast

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