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[Shenzhen Grandview Hotel Coast Store] Colorful and colorful · Carnival 丨 Christmas dinner at New Taoyuan Hotel

Dec. 11,2019   12:9 AM


Bright Christmas is coming


Santa with loads of gifts, Christmas songs pervading the streets


Upright shiny Christmas tree, Ambilight Christmas decoration


Amazing Christmas scenes everywhere





Bright stars greet the eyes, warm and warm embrace


Encounter with warm and clear hymns


Wish spinning under the glittering Christmas tree





In this carnival moment


Shenzhen New Taoyuan Hotel Coast Store


A Christmas feast


Fill your taste buds with joy this season








[Christmas Trio]


Christmas party show, rich buffet dinner


Lottery on-site lucky draw




Activity time: December 24, 2019


Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (18: 00-21: 00)


Venue: The fourth floor of the hotel, Taoyuan Multifunctional Hall







Christmas Eve Dinner


Diverse variety opens up gourmet taste buds




Tips: Children under one meter can enjoy half price for free from 1 meter to 1.2 meters


Book the above packages in advance to enjoy special discounts


Sale ends on December 20






In addition to enjoying the Christmas dinner, there is also a Christmas show!


Musical instrument performance, group dance performance, choir, clown performance








The luxurious cast, colorful and lively performances, and a visual feast will bring you a variety of surprise awards at the same time.






The on-site luxury awards are waiting for you to draw, and surprises keep coming!








What are you waiting for this Christmas? Bring family and friends together to start a carnival feast to celebrate this warm and romantic night.







Feel, our enthusiasm is everywhere!


Passion, It's In Everything We Do!









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