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MHG Taoyuan famous month, excellent quality

Jul. 30,2018   17:0 PM

When is the moon? Ask the wine to ask the sky.

Nung, moon and new moon.

Another year of Mid-Autumn Festival!

The new Taoyuan Hotel Mid-Autumn Mooncakes are carefully selected.

Well-made, carefully selected the best Xianglian,

At the same time, there are fillings mainly made of white lotus, ham Wuren and egg yolk.

With traditional craftsmanship, everything is just right.

Every process is meticulous.

New Taoyuan Hotel moon cake features,

Innovative design, gift-giving, best choice,

Let you and your family enjoy every success.

Gold double yellow white lotus

The appearance is golden, the filling is moist, 

the sweetness is moderate, and the soft pastry is soft.

188 yuan / box

Double yellow pure white lotus seed moon cake (165 g) 4

Golden Ham Hamyan

Not oily, not greasy, rich in taste, crispy nuts, soft and crispy

198 yuan / box

Gold Ham Hamren Mooncake (165g) 4

Gold Mini Babao

Unique taste, diverse styles, real materials, delicate 

and meticulous

178 yuan / box
Snow skin durian moon cake (80g) 2
Mulberry Pisang Fruit Mooncake (80g) 2
Taoshan Matcha Red Bean Moon Cake (80g) 2
Snow Cranberry Mooncake (80g) 2

Boutique true moon cake

The skin is thin and soft, the filling is full, the lotus is 

fragrant, the egg yolk is sweet.

118 yuan / box (four packs)
Single yellow sweet fragrant white lotus 

flavor moon cake (150 g) 4

48 yuan / box (two loaded)
Single yellow sweet fragrant white 

lotus flavor moon cake (150 g) 2

"The sea rises in the bright moon, and the horizon ends at this time."

With the closest people

Appeal the intestines, reward the moon, eat moon cakes
The greatest happiness in life is no more than this.
August 15th, full moon reunion
May this family reunion,
Communicate the wonderful wishes and wishes of the new Taoyuan Hotel.

Grandview Hotel Mooncakes will accompany you through the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival

Don't miss the pros who want to order mooncakes.

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