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Dragon Boat Festival is long and spicy.

May. 25,2018   9:11 AM

Time flies, the Dragon Boat Festival has arrived
Musk thick, dragon boat racing
Poems and Songs
Commemorating Qu Yuan, Duan Ankang

 How much do you know about the Dragon Boat Festival? 

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race is the main custom of the Dragon Boat Festival. According to legend, in ancient times, people in Chu were reluctant to die in the floods and died in Qu Yuan. 

Many boaters chased and rescued. After that, dragon boats were commemorated on May 5 every year.                                                               


Dragon Boat Festival children admire sachets, it is said that there is a sense of evil drive. Inside the sachet, there are cinnabar, realgar, and fragrant medicines,

 which are covered with silk cloth and overflowing with fragrant fragrance. Then they are buckled with five-color silk strings to make a variety of shapes to form a series of various shapes and small and lovely.

Eat dumplings

Scorpions, also known as "horns" and "tubes." It has a long history and many kinds of tricks. The traditional form of dumplings is a triangle, 

which is generally named after the inner pot and tastes sweet and salty.

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching,
In this historic and nostalgic festival,
The Grandview  Hotel specializes in the traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival - Dumplings

Dragon Boat Festival is long and spicy.


Sausage       20/one of a pair

Lotus Root Alfalfa    16/one of a pair

Lycopene    16/one of a pair

Grains   22/