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Put 51price activities to come!

Apr. 28,2018   8:42 AM

The long-awaited May Day holiday is approaching.
The rush of April is busy and we can finally leave a fickle mood.
The working people are the most glorious, and in May we let us fly together.
Have a more meaningful holiday in May!

Release yourself in your busy work.
Call friends and family to gather together
Come to the meeting and say the go away party,
Bring a family,
Enjoy a relaxing vacation!
Shenzhen New Taoyuan Hotel launched a special event on May 1st.
It will make you happy to eat, drink, and play.

Room offer

From April 28th to May 1st

 two preferential room types were launched: standard single room, 388 yuan/room/night; 

comfortable single room, 428 yuan/room/night; 

other room types (except economic single room) 80 yuan / room / night, complimentary breakfast;

Business customers will enjoy a discount of RMB 50/room/night on the basis of the original price (except for the economy single room), 

which will be given as a breakfast.

Western restaurant deals

From April 29th to May 1st

Western Restaurant launched a 20% discount on two drinks and dishes;

Customers who came to the store on May 1st received a nourishing soup.

The staff of Shenzhen New Taoyuan Hotel will be looking forward to your visit with warm and thoughtful service. !

Addr:Shenzhen City, Nanshan District five road Oncidium coastal city east building

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