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Time and again

May. 4,2017   9:10 AM

Extra! Extra! Xintaoyuan hotel restaurant in the dumplings to sell!
I believe many of the old man will be questioned, how do you feel this year's dumplings sell a little late?
So, please let small make up here in a bitter story......

In March, xintaoyuan hotel restaurant has been in full swing for the dragon boat festival dumplings, each store chef brains, sleepless nights, finally elaborate some dumplings.
Then, invite leading judges try. Then the following cycle

Among them, there are some small episode, for example:
A judge, try try off two pairs of chopsticks;
A chef, three meals a day are eating dumplings;
A small, heavy pounds......

However, the leadership of the judges said that he is not satisfied with the dumplings, how can sell to the guests?"
As a result, non-stop in the cycle, time and again "dumplings"!


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