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Haoyuedangkong dance autumn poly Taoyuan

Sept. 21,2016   14:18 PM

The Mid Autumn Festival is very beautiful, the legend of the Mid Autumn Festival is also beautiful. Speaking of the Mid Autumn Festival, in China, people will naturally think of "Moon" story. This beautiful story spread for thousands of years, is still the earth's delight, become the Mid Autumn Festival origin allusions.
It is said that in ancient times, there are ten suns appeared in the sky, the sun fire, such as boiling seas, vegetation withered in Mountains fall and the earth splits., "Sun withered crops to human survival. The people are destitute., a hero named Hou Yi, the matchless, stunt person," Archer ". He sympathized with the suffering of the for people, saves people, they boarded the top of the world in the Himalayas, branch of the Kunlun peak, the full power of operation, drew his bow and arrow with breath shot down nine of the sun, leaving only one time the sun rises, the sky in the operation, the benefit of the people.

  Therefore, Hou Yi's famous, admired and loved by people. There is a beautiful and kindhearted woman named Chang, attracted married Hou Yi. After marriage, husband and wife two people in addition to the young people deeply attached to each other, Hou Yi and Chang Chuanyi hunting, all day together, day happily. As Hou Yi the wife, her very kind, her husband often shot to help the poor prey of the villagers, the villagers all kua Hou Yi married a gentle, virtuous, good wife. Neighboring countries and regions of many who came to Toushi, apprentice more, will have complicated. An evil villain, called pengmeng also took the opportunity to get in. One day, Hou Yi to the Kunlun Mountains and friends for chance, after which the founder of Taoism on Grandpa Tian Jun, Tian Jun just gossip Lu practised as an immortal medicine, not between heaven and earth Little gods and people ate his medicine, every one into the extraordinary fairy, have fruit, on the thirty-three hole. Tianjun is to find a private on edge and the immortal man, his grandfather is very admire Hou Yi's heroism, Hou Yi respect for the benefit of the merit, will give Hou Yi a pack of immortal medicine.
It is said that, whether human or other creatures, as long as the dose of the drug, can instantly become an immortal God. However, Hou Yi reluctant to leave his beloved wife Chang'e and folks, but do not want to go to heaven. A man went home the immortal medicine to go away custody, Chang will be the treasure box medicine hide into the dresser, but was by Peng Meng eavesdropping and see. Hou Yi bowed to the door under the tent, was originally a crafty villain, he looks pretty on the moon, treasonous, steals the moon after medicine, wanted to steal to eat the deathless medicine, you go to heaven.
This day in August 15th, Hou Yi led his disciples to go hunting, Peng Meng pretended to be sick, stay. Hou Yi was left to be near people, by holding a sword into the backyard, into the bedroom, to the goddess of indecent assault, and chang e Chang. Body weak, Peng Meng is not aware of their opponents when she knew she was critical, beat the bad guys, then turn to open the treasure box, take medicine, decisively swallowed belly. But as soon as she swallowed the drug attack, after feel shenqingruyan, body suddenly floated off the ground, rushed out of the window and flew to the sky. Because she was worried about her husband, then fly to the nearest moon in the world to become an immortal.
In the evening, Hou Yi returned home, the maid maidservantswhat had happened. Hou Yi is shocked and angry, evil sword to kill, Peng Meng had fled, Hou Yi gas in deep sorrow, grief, looking at the sky, calling his wife's name, he was surprised to find that today's moon is exceptionally bright, and there is a shaking of the shadow like wife the goddess of the moon in heaven, looked at him, like a wife was hurt. Hou Yi ran towards the moon hardly wished to live. chase, but as he ran the three step, the three steps back, he took three steps, the moon in the three step, no matter how to also catch him. Hou Yi is helpless, and missing his wife, after the garden had sent to the goddess of love, put on the table, put on her usual favorite food fresh honey, offering the attachment of their own in the Moon Palace.
In the second year of August 15th, the moon was big and round, Hou Yi more missing wife, he can not on the day, but once again placed in the hospital under the offerings of Yaoji fairy Chang E, so every year, it spread to the people, the world to follow, falling into the vulgar. People with moon cakes, fruit to send, "family reunion", "peace and prosperity", to the Ming Dynasty so commonly known as the "Festival" will be "Mid Autumn Festival" worship and various claims. There was a poem, Hou Yi asked april:

A few wisps of theemotions, guanghan,
I ask to the sky?
This life is difficult to meet,
Who can help the next life?

To understand the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival, look xintaoyuan Hotel Coast shop in the Mid Autumn Festival is a wonderful promotions for pro:

Activity time
2016 09 - 18 - 14
The travel agency, the individual members (in the original price system)
Offer 80 yuan / Room / night
Complimentary double early discount
Business customers (in the original price system)
Offer 50 yuan / Room / night
Complimentary double early discount
More surprise
Western restaurant launched two value
338 yuan, 268 yuan family package
Day Buffet breakfast to add two models of moon cake
Consumption of 100 yuan
Gift Hotel moon cake
If the phone number mantissa is: 815915 with relevant proof (number or name card number measurement), in the Manhattan hotel restaurant can enjoy 20 percent off discount, the room can enjoy the retail price half off discount.

Value 815 yuan Mid Autumn Festival special combination
(Booking Center and other travel agencies and the special group contract)
The value of 1388 yuan luxury +10%. A single room;
* the value of 168 yuan a box of Taoyuan Mini eight months;
* a value of 100 yuan cash coupon (available in the guest room, Western-style food, Chinese food use);
You can enjoy free stay the night a bottle of milk;
It can be scheduled in advance to provide free pick-up or delivery of services; (limited to the Hongkong airport or send machine)

The above offer is not in use at the same time as other preferential activities


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