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Romantic meet in Manhattan

Aug. 8,2016   13:51 PM

The 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is known as the Qixi Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival, also called the Qixi Festival Chinese Valentine. Valentine's day before Valentine's day, the atmosphere is all around us. Whether it is a lover you have, or called "single dog" you, in this day all the houses in the unwilling to remain out of the limelight the home to go out for some "romantic"! Such a unique day certainly need some special activities, let you of the Qixi Festival more wonderful!

This Double Seventh Festival in good faith,
Refuse the routine,
Manhattan romantic couple package!
The Double Seventh festival,
Let's date!
Valentine's Day

Chinese Valentine's day to buy any one of the couple's package,
Can enjoy special wine half off discount,
Each couple only buy a package.

Valentine's day to buy a package can be
Complimentary cocktail glass

Consumers can enjoy free to west restaurant on the same day
Handmade origami roses,
And presented to the guests.
That night hired a professional Sax performances.

Love me just about me!
Take me to the western restaurant in Manhattan!
Booking hotline: 0755-8626 8888 to 3388

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